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Clinical and Scientific Research Resources

Clinical and Scientific Research Resources Available to All

In order to facilitate clinical and translational research, The Rockefeller University Center for Clinical and Translational Science makes available to its investigators several resources that are indispensable for patient oriented research. The most obvious of these resources is the Rockefeller University Hospital, which houses inpatient and outpatient nursing services that are dedicated solely to patient-oriented research. The Hospital also offers metabolic core capabilities, digital radiology services, as well as an on-site research pharmacy.

The Center also provides certified Clinical Research Coordinators who are available to assist investigators with the development and conduct of clinical studies. The Clinical Research Support Office (CRSO) provides comprehensive, coordinated resources, education, and services across the entire research enterprise with the goal of ensuring that research at the Center is conducted to the highest standards of safety and ethics, and at the highest standards of scientific design and integrity.

State-of-the-art scientific resources such as Biomedical Informatics, Research Design and Biostatistics, the Translational Immunomonitoring Resource Center, and the Data Analysis core are other integral aspects of the infrastructure that is offered to in support of clinical investigation.

Clinical and Scientific Research Resources Available to AllμStatProviding tools and services for robust statistical analysis of multivariate ordinal dataBleeding History Phenotype Analysis, Q