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Monoclonal Antibodies Available for Non-Exclusive Licensing

Hybridoma Clone Inventor Reference

Clone 6-11B1, secreting antibodies specific for anti-acetylated tubulin,


Dr. Piperno, Gianni


LeDizet and Piperno Identification of an Acetylation Site of Chlamydomonas alpha-tubulin Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA (1987) 84, 5720-5724



Clone B-5-1-2, secreting antibodies specific for anti-a- tubulin,


Dr. Piperno, Gianni


G Piperno, M LeDizet, and XJ Chang Microtubules containing acetylated alpha-tubulin in mammalian cells in culture J. Cell Biol. 1987 104: 289-302.


Clone 2-28-33 , secreting antibodies specific for anti-b tubulin,


Dr. Piperno, Gianni



Siddiqui SS et al. Anti-tubulin monoclonal antibodies that bind to specific neurons in Caenorhabditis elegans.J Neurosci. 1989 Aug;9(8):2963-72.


Clone MB4B4 secreting antibodies specific for mouse CD45R


Dr. Pure, Ellen


Epitopes on CD45R (T200) molecules define differentiation antigens on murine B and T  lymphocytes.” Birkeland et al. J Mol Cell Immunol 1988:4 (2):71-85.



Clone 3G8 secreting antibodies specific for human CD16


Dr. Unkeless, Jay



Fleit, H.B., S.D. Wright, and J.C. Unkeless. 1982. Human neutrophil Fc gamma receptor distribution and structure. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 79:3275- 3279.


Clone 1B4 secreting antibodies specific for human CD18


Dr. Wright, Samuel


Wright S. et al. Identification of the C3bi receptor of human monocytes and macrophages by using monoclonal antibodies.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

1983 Sept; 80(18):5699-703



Clone 33D1, secreting antibodies specific for 33D1 a murine dendritic cell marker


Dr. Steinman, Ralph



Nussenzweig et al. A Monoclonal Antibody Specific for Mouse Dendritic Cells Proc Natl Acad Sci USA

1982; 79:(161-165)



Clone N418 secreting antibodies specific for murine antigen CD11


Dr Steinman, Ralph


JP Metlay et al.  “The distinct leukocyte integrins of mouse spleen dendritic cells as identified with new hamster monoclonal antibodies.”  J. Exp. Med. 171: 1753-71 (1990)

Clone 9E9A8 secreting antibodies specific for DC-SIGN Dr. Steinman, Ralph Granelli-Piperno, et al. 2005.  Dendritic cell-specific intercellular adhesion molecule 3-grabbing nonintegrin/CD209 is abundant on macrophages in the normal human lymph node and is not required for dendritic cell stimulation of the mixed leukocyte reaction.  J. Immunol., 175:4265-4273. 
Clone 16E5, secreting antibodies specific for mouse Trem-like 4 Dr. Steinman, Ralph Hemmi, J Idoyaga, K. Suda, N. Suda , K. Kennedy, M. Noda, A. Aderem, R.M. Steinman. A new triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells (Trem) family member, Trem-like 4, binds to dead cells and is a DNAX activation protein 12-linked marker for subsets of mouse macrophages and dendritic cells.

J Immunol. 182: 1278-86, 2009.

Clones secreting antibodies specific for human and mammalian DEC-205 Dr. Steinman, Ralph Park, et al. 2012.  Generation of anti-human DEC-205/CD205 monoclonal antibodies that recognize conserved epitopes in different mammals.  J. Immunol, Meth., 377:15-22.
Clones secreting antibodies againstmouse DC-SIGN CD209 Dr. Steinman, Ralph Cheong, et al. 2010.  New monoclonal anti-mouse DC-SIGN antibodies reactive with acetone-fixed cells.  J. Immunol. Meth, 360:66-75. 
Clone 9E9 secreting antibodies to detect antigen FcγRIV Dr. Jeffrey Ravetch Nimmerjhan, F et al., FcγRIV deletion reveals its central role for IgG2a and IgG2b activity in vivo. PNAS 2010, 107(45):19396-401
 Clone 12G4 secreting antibodies againstzDC protein Dr. Michel Nussenzweig Meredith et al. (2012): Expression of the zinc finger transcription factor zDC (Zbtb46, Btbd4) defines the classical dendritic cell lineage. J. Expt. Medicine. 209(6) 1153-1165.