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Biochemistry & Cell Biology

Title Inventor Rockefeller Reference Number
Generation of Semi-Synthetic Polypeptides. Muir, et al. RU 380
A Novel Target for Modulating Ion Channel Function: The Voltage-Sensing Domain. MacKinnon, et al. RU 642
Binary Switches in Gene Expression: The Histone Code. Allis, et al. RU 665
Human Telomeric Proteins Involved in Cancer and Cellular Aging. de Lange, et al. RU 671
A Novel Method for the Production of Nanoscale Membrane Particles. Sakmar, et al. RU 870
A Novel Technique to Identify RNA Targets of RNA-Binding Proteins and Ribonucleoprotein Complexes. Tuschl, et al. RU 902
A Novel Method For MicroRNA, Non-coding RNA and mRNA Detection By In-situ Hybridization. Tuschl, et al. RU 910 & 1030
A Novel Target for Modulating the Kir Potassium Ion Channel: The Turret Domain. MacKinnon, et al. RU 942
Rapid and Low Cost Approach for the the Production of Large Repertoires of Highly Specific Nanobodies Chait and Rout RU 1113
A Novel Quantitative Method for tRNA-profiling Tavazoie and Goodarzi RU 1301