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Kellen Women's Entrepreneurship Fund Speaker Series

Pathways in Bioscience: Four Perspectives Beyond the Bench

Thursday, December 2, 2021
4:00 – 5:00 PM ET
Live Webinar

Akinsanya, Karen


Karen Akinsanya, Ph.D.
EVP, Chief Biomedical Scientist, and Head of R&D
Rockefeller University Trustee
Leigh Baxt TDI headshot


Leigh Baxt, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Biology
Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute
Jeanne Ferrell


Jeanne Farrell, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President
Office of Technology Transfer
Rockefeller University


Jessica Hopfield, Ph.D. ’91
Healthcare Strategist and Investor
President, J Hopfield Consulting

This newest installment in the Kellen Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund Speaker Series features a conversation between four scientists positioned within the translational ecosystem. They will share their unique perspectives and insights into the process of shepherding scientific discoveries from bench to bedside. Dr. Karen Akinsanya will lead the discussion and take your questions for our group of panelists.

Rockefeller trustee Karen Akinsanya has more than 25 years of experience in academia, pharmaceutical R&D, partnerships, and licensing. At Schrödinger, she leads the Discovery Research & Development group with responsibility for preclinical drug discovery and translational research.

Leigh Baxt has managed many therapeutic discovery programs, working with academic scientists on the translation of basic research into drug discovery projects. She is currently an Associate Director for the Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute.

Jeanne Farrell is an Associate Vice President at Rockefeller, where she heads the Office of Technology Transfer. She has significant experience in the development, promotion, protection, and licensing of scientific discoveries.

Jessica Hopfield has a Ph.D. from Rockefeller and an MBA from Harvard. Prior to starting her own consulting firm, Dr. Hopfield worked for McKinsey and Company where she helped clients across pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and consumer industries.

Kellen Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund

Building on the pioneering Women & Science initiative, the Kellen Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund (Kellen WEF) is designed to help ensure that every Rockefeller scientist who wants to realize the therapeutic potential of her discoveries has the tools, support, and knowledge to do so.


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