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Living Legacies

Living Legacies recounts the stories of the men and women who took the special step of making planned gifts to The Rockefeller University. Bequests and other types of testamentary arrangements are an increasingly vital resource. Rockefeller relies heavily on planned gifts from its circle of friends and supporters to provide a strong financial foundation for our research and education programs.

As you read through the issues of Living Legacies, we hope you will be inspired to consider your personal philanthropic goals. The Rockefeller University established The Laureate Circle as a way to recognize the visionary individuals among us today who are choosing to include Rockefeller in their estate plans. These generous donors help Rockefeller perpetuate its extraordinary legacy of scientific achievement. In creating a planned gift, you will join the ranks of the Laureate Circle, and help the University’s outstanding programs thrive long into the future.

Issue 1 – Richard B. Fisher
Issue 2 – Jules Hirsch
Issue 3 – Elbert C. Brinning, Jr. 
Issue 4 – David J. L. Luck 
Issue 5 – Brooke Astor 
Issue 6 – Lila Magie
Issue 7 – Mary Agnes Bonneville
Issue 8 – Marjorie Anderson Matheson
Issue 9 – John C. Whitehead