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Raymond and Beverly Sackler Fellowships

The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Fellowships provide support to recent Ph.D. graduates conducting research at the intersection of the physical and biological sciences. Fellows have the freedom to investigate their own hypotheses and pursue their own lines of inquiry. At the same time, they benefit from close collaborations with senior Rockefeller researchers and the University’s rich environment of scientific exchange.

Funded by a generous grant from the foundation of Raymond and Beverly Sackler, the Sackler Fellowships are designed to help fuel the recent proliferation of biomedical insights informed by physics, mathematics, and the computational sciences. This area of research is ripe for discovery, and with the foundation’s visionary support, more young experimentalists are having the opportunity to bring their diverse range of skills to bear on this new frontier in biomedicine. The grant from Dr. and Mrs. Sackler also created the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Laboratories of Biomedical and Biophysical Studies at the University.

Current Fellows

Ana Hočevar, Ph.D.
Alexander Petroff, Ph.D.

Past Recipients

Natalie Arkus, Ph.D.
Maria Geffen, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Eleni Katifori, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania