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User Guidelines and Instructions


  • Prior consultation with the SBRC Manager is required and highly beneficial. Access to the Center is limited by an electronic access.
  • Use of the SBRC instruments is strictly limited to individuals who have completed appropriate training and who have been approved by the Manager of the Center. Only approved users are granted access to the online signup program. To become a user, contact the SBRC Manager.
  • Priority for access and use is given to researchers from The Rockefeller University. The SBRC provides access and service to individuals from other not-for-profit colleges, universities, and research institutions based on capacity.
  • No biological hazard materials may be brought into the SBRC. Chemical hazards may be used but must be removed to home lab at end of experiment, including waste generated at the SBRC.
  • Images collected on the UV microscope will be retained for three years and program files created for the two robots (Formulator and Phoenix) will be retained for a maximum of three years, as long as the software is compatible. We highly recommend maintaining a copy of these program files for your own records as they are not write-protected and therefore unreliable. To do so one can either print out a hardcopy or copy the electronic files via winscp to a lab computer. We request avoidance of memory sticks due to possible contamination with computer viruses.
  • X-ray data collection at the national synchrotrons must be coordinated and arranged by the SBRC Manager.
  • The NIH requires users acknowledge the federal funding when issuing statements, press releases, articles and other documents describing projects or programs, including presentations and publications, resulting wholly or in part from use of the instrument. Users are encouraged to use the following text: “The use of the Formulator and/or the Phoenix robots in the Rockefeller University Structural Biology Resource Center was made possible by Grant Number 1S10RR027037-01 from the National Center for Research Resources of the NIH.”
  • Using SBRC services?  Please cite our core like this: Rockefeller University Structural Biology Resource Center  RRID:SCR_017732



Rockefeller Research Building
Deena Oren, Ph.D.
Manager, Structural Biology Resource Center
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Avenue, Box 295
New York, NY 10065