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Structural Biology Resource Center User Fees FY21

Structural Biology Resource Center User Fees FY21

(July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2021)

Instrument RU researchers Non-RU researchers
Cryo Shipper $115/3 weeks $230/3 weeks
Phoenix Nanodrop $6.00/tray $16.50/tray
Formulator Fluidics System $8.00/tray $24.00/tray
UV Fluorescence Microscope $2.00/hour $10.00/hour
Äkta Purifier or NGC Quest FPLC $160/day $625/day
SEC-MALS – first time training or fee-for-service $193 $580
SEC-MALS – independent run $43/run $130/run
Mosquito – fee-for-service $90 $180
Use of E. Coli Expression Lab (may be prorated for use) $432/month $1590/month
User Training $15/hour $80/hour
Consultation No fee $80.00/hour
Structural Data Acquisition or Processing $40/hour $80/hour
Service Fee, hourly rate $40/hour $160/hour

Contact Deena Oren with any questions.



Rockefeller Research Building
Deena Oren, Ph.D.
Manager, Structural Biology Resource Center
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Avenue, Box 295
New York, NY 10065