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Printed Materials Samples

Samples of various printed materials produced by CPA appear below. Templated materials adhere to university standards, with some flexibility in layout and color palette. Designed materials require the services of an external designer and have associated costs.

Contact the university’s Production Specialist, Kelly McLees, at x8969 or at for more information.

Designed Posters
Designed Posters
Templated Posters
Templated Posters
Designed Flyers
Designed Flyers
Templated Flyers
Templated Flyers
Designed Invitations (Sample One)
Designed Invitations 1
Designed Invitations (Sample Two)
Designed Invitations 2
Designed Programs (Sample One)
Designed Program Sample One
Designed Programs (Sample Two)
Designed Program Sample Two
Templated Programs (Sample One)
Templated Program Sample One
Templated Programs (Sample Two)
Templated Program Sample Two
Miscellaneous (Sample One)
Miscellaneous (Sample One)
Miscellaneous (Sample Two)
Miscellaneous (Sample Two)