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Alternative Peptide Synthesis sources

In light of the decreased demand for and increasing subsidy required to run the peptide synthesis service, the University is sunsetting the peptide synthesis service from the Proteomics Resource Center (PRC), effective December 30, 2020.   If you have questions about the decision to sunset this service, please contact Amy Wilkerson.

The PRC has compiled a list of proven commercial sources for custum peptide synthesis requests. Additional advice regarding vendors is available from Purchasing.


Vendor Peptide order type Turn-around time Notes/comments from user
Biopeptide Co., Inc a) 15 to 19-mer peptides

b) 19-mer with modified N-term and biotin via Lysine at C-term.


2 weeks “5mg at 95% purity. Around $500 per peptide”
Life Technologies Corporation 18-mer peptide with combinations of Citrullin modifications n/a “10-14mg at purity of >98%. We paid ~$850 per peptide.”
Phoenix Pharmaceuticals Two peptide sequences with internal and external di-sulphor bridges. 2-4 weeks 1mg, >95% purity. Around $7,500.
Genescript n/a n/a ‘Prices are competitive”
Peptide Specialty Laboratories 1-2mg of a 85-mer peptide n/a n/a
New England Peptides 30-mer peptide 4-6 weeks “>90% Purity, 5mg, Between $900 and $1k incl. shipping”
KareBay Biochem two Myristoylated and one not modified 12-mer peptide n/a “95% purity, 1mg each, Total of for all 3: Less than $400”
LifeTein, LLC Biotinylated Ahx or acetylated shorter peptides in 1gram and 10mg amounts 2-3 weeks “We used the X peptide some time ago, still have some and we are not planning on use it again right now. However, the X substrate I am currently using a lot and will keep using it. Both peptides worked well for us and we were happy with the results.”
Biomatik 500mg of 39-mer peptide 3-4 weeks “500mg at a purity of 90% or better. Peptide is QC’ed by MS and HPLC. Cost was around $1,700.”

All shown prices are are based on individual quotes and are collected over a longer time period.