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Postdoctoral position

Laboratory of Metabolic Regulation and Genetics at the Rockefeller University seeks candidates for the position of Postdoctoral Associate. Projects in the Birsoy lab focus on characterization of the role of specific metabolic pathways in cancer and rare metabolic disorders. The candidate should have a PhD. or M.D./Ph.D degree and a strong publication record. Experience with in vivo tumor models is expected but not required. The candidate will be involved in our efforts using CRISPR/Cas9 genetic screening platform, mouse physiology and metabolomics.

Research Description: While the core components of most metabolic pathways have long been described, it remains poorly understood how the flow of the metabolites is rewired in nutrient deprived environments. This is particularly relevant in the context of tumors. Cancer metabolic dependencies have previously been exploited for a handful of pathways, but uncovering metabolic liabilities comprehensively requires more systematic approaches such as functional genomics. Long term research goal of Birsoy lab is to understand how metabolic pathways in cancer cells are rewired by the nutrient environment through the use of systematic forward genetic approaches (i.e. CRISPR-Cas9 technology) and, further, to determine whether these pathways present metabolic liabilities that could be exploited for anti-cancer therapy.

Interested individuals should send a CV and three reference letters to Dr. Kivanc Birsoy ( with a subject line  “postdoc position”. More information could be obtained at”