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Science Outreach for Teachers

RockEDU Science Outreach offers programs throughout the school year and summer months. Sign your class up for a LAB Experience in our authentic Science Outreach Laboratory, tell your students about our upcoming RockEDU Presents:, or sign up for a Professional Development session for NYC teachers.


LAB Experiences

LAB Experience classes are designed to engage middle and high school science students and teachers in ongoing research at The Rockefeller University. Meetings with scientists and activities at the lab bench will introduce best practices in scientific research, and discuss how basic science research is relevant to real life situations. Classes for schools within the NYC DOE take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Science Outreach and Education Laboratory – a space that is entirely dedicated to the educational community. Classes for schools outside of the NYC DOE take place on every other Friday. All classes take place between 10 am and 2:30 pm. 

Learn More about the Curricula & Registration Process


RockEDU Presents:

Encourage your students to attend an [LOL], our “science cafe” style events geared toward high school students including a short talk by a scientist followed by a networking activity to meet scientists and other likeminded students.

Eventbrite - [LOL] Drugs and the Brain

  • All events will be on facebook live and archived to youtube.
  • Mark your calendar for the third Friday of every month!

LAB Jumpstart Nominations

LAB Jumpstart—formerly the LAB After-School Program (LAB ASP)— supports 16 NYC high school students in a combined after-school and summer science research experience. Serving students from underserved communities, this program aims to ‘jumpstart’ the development of research skills and exposure to laboratory culture. This occurs through initial small-group training, followed by an immersive mentored research experience in a Rockefeller laboratory. To accomplish all of this, LAB Jumpstart spans March through August.

Students must be nominated by a teacher or community leader in order to apply. Immediately following the successful submission of a nomination, the student will be sent a link to submit their LAB Jumpstart application. Student nominations will be available starting 12:00 am on Friday,October 13th, 2017. Student applications must be completed and submitted by 11:59pm on Friday, December 22, 2017.

All applications will be considered. Students who demonstrate strong academic potential and a passion for science will be invited for an interview on The Rockefeller University campus. Applicants can expect to learn of the decision by February 2018.

Nomination Criteria and Eligibility

The goal of LAB Jumpstart is to provide the opportunity, training, and community support needed for students from underserved communities to conduct authentic scientific research at one of the top biomedical research institutions in the world. We specifically seek students who have not yet had exposure to  scientific research.

When considering students for LAB Jumpstart nomination, please select students who:

  • Have shown a keen and authentic interest in science
  • Demonstrate good work ethic, commitment, and follow through
  • Would benefit from mentorship and a close knit peer-peer community
  • Represent individuals from underserved or underrepresented communities
  • Live and attend school in New York City

When submitting nominations please keep in mind that:

  • Nominated students must complete their application in order to be considered for entry into the program – please help students follow through with their applications following nomination
  • We accept a maximum of 4 students per school – please nominate those that best fit the criteria
  • Accepted students must participate in the entire program: March 6 through August 9, 2018. We cannot make exceptions.
  • Accepted students may not compete in science fair competitions using research performed through the program

Professional Development for Teachers

Professional Development courses support K-12 science teachers with novel, in-depth science content and ways of adapting the material to their classrooms.

  • RockEDU offers a range of Teacher Professional Development opportunities over the summer and throughout the year.
  • All RockEDU-led courses are completely free, including lunches and coffee, and are CTLE certified.
  • An archive of previous PD opportunities can be found here.

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