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The Learning at the Bench Initiative

The Learning At the Bench (LAB) Initiative is a vital component of RockEDU Science Outreach that utilizes the Science Outreach Laboratory for student and teacher training. The LAB Initiative is a hub for active learning and deductive reasoning for high school students, and an expansion of hands-on learning skill sets for teachers. The LAB initiative helps our participants to achieve a number of learning goals, including:

  • providing tangible scientific experience
  • enhancing the mastery of a particular subject area or mechanism
  • understanding the complexity and ambiguity of empirical work
  • cultivating a deep interest in science
  • learning practical skills
  • building a concept of teamwork
LAB Jumpstart

LAB Jumpstart—formerly the LAB After-School Program (LAB ASP)— supports 16 NYC high school students in a combined after-school and summer science research experience. Serving students from underserved communities, this program aims to ‘jumpstart’ the development of research skills and exposure to laboratory culture. This occurs through initial small-group training, followed by an immersive mentored research experience in a Rockefeller laboratory. To accomplish all of this, LAB Jumpstart spans March through August.

LAB Experiences

LAB Experience classes are designed to engage middle and high school science students and teachers in ongoing research at The Rockefeller University. Meetings with scientists and activities at the lab bench will introduce best practices in scientific research, and discuss how basic science research is relevant to real life situations. Classes for schools within the NYC DOE take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Science Outreach Laboratory – a space that is entirely dedicated to the educational community. Classes for schools outside of the NYC DOE take place on every other Friday. All classes take place between 10 am and 2:30 pm.

Summer Science Research Program (SSRP)

The Rockefeller University Summer Science Research Program (SSRP) provides high school students with a unique and personalized opportunity to conduct hands-on research under the mentorship of leading scientists at one of the world’s premier biomedical research facilities. During this rigorous 7-week program, SSRP students become immersed in scientific culture while gaining an appreciation for the process of biomedical discovery.

RockEDU Presents:

RockEDU Presents: is a free science-cafe series for high school students and teachers including short talks by scientists followed by an opportunity to network with scientists and likeminded students. After the talk high school students participate in activities connected to the theme of the scientist’s lecture over snacks and refreshments. RockEDU Presents: takes place the 3rd Friday of every month.

RockEDU Online

Using a multi-media approach, this project will synthesize modern scientific materials to align with national education standards to deliver free K-12 curricula over the internet. The Digital Initiative includes our blog, The Incubator, social media campaigns, and our new accessible digital hub for teachers, students, and parents.


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