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LAB Backstage (ON HOLD)

The LAB Backstage program is a virtual “backstage pass” to the scientific enterprise, through the lens of the human experience. Middle and high school student groups, up to 40 students, will be connected to a member of the Rockefeller scientific community for a <1 hour zoom conversation about how a specific aspect of science is used in their work or life, or both! 

LAB Backstage takes place over zoom. Dates and times for each event will accommodate group/class availability. 

Video tour

A snapshot of a virtual tour of the Shaham Lab led by Dr. Kate Varandas

C. elegans

C. elegans viewed under a microscope during a virtual tour of the Shaham Lab

As active participants in the LAB Backstage program, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Get an insider’s look at a cool tool, technique, scientific space, and more!
  • Interact with practicing scientists from diverse backgrounds, including discussions on education and career trajectories
  • Articulate their perspectives around science in their communities, and the role of science in society

Registration is currently open for LAB Backstage sessions. Teachers and school group leaders can sign their class/group up for a LAB Backstage session:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are classes matched with members of the scientific community?
LAB Backstage signups will occur on a rolling basis. Scientists will be provided with information regarding requested dates and topics, and will sign up for sessions that work with their schedule and area of expertise. Once a scientist signs up for a specific session, a confirmation email will be sent to the corresponding teacher or group leader to coordinate the meeting.

Are matches guaranteed?
No, matches are not guaranteed. We will do our best to accommodate as many groups as possible, but since it is a new program, we are not sure what the supply/demand will be. If your requested date/time was not accommodated, you are encouraged to sign up again using this link.

How many students can participate at once?
In order to preserve the ability for participants to engage in a conversation with the LAB Backstage presenter, we are limiting groups to 40 in total. We also ask that groups have a minimum of 10 participants in order to be considered for LAB Backstage.

When will I find out if I have been matched to a LAB Backstage presenter?
Confirmation of a match will be sent at least 5 days prior to the requested session.

What if I can no longer make my original date?
If you have been scheduled for a LAB Backstage session and can no longer make this date, please email RockEDU as soon as possible. You are encouraged to re-sign up for a new date, using this link. Note that there is no guarantee for a match.

How long are LAB Backstage sessions?
Sessions will be no longer than 1 hour and will be the length of your available class time

Who is eligible to register for LAB Backstage?
You must be in an educational role in order to sign up for a LAB Backstage session. This can include teachers, student club leaders, student-based organizations, etc. We cannot accommodate families at this time.

What if I get paired with a scientist who cannot directly discuss my requested topic?
We will do our best to align the presentation theme with your requested scientific topic. However, there might be instances where a date/time works for a presenter, but their area of expertise is outside of your request. If you do not want to be matched in this way, you should let RockEDU know right away. You are welcome to re-sign up using this form, but do note that matches cannot be guaranteed.

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Doug Heigl
Program Administrator
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Avenue, Box 53
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