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C. David Allis accepts Lasker Award for insight into gene regulation
C. David Allis wins 2018 Lasker Award for discovery of new mechanisms regulating gene expression

C. David Allis

Joy and Jack Fishman Professor
Tri-Institutional Professor


B.S. in biology, 1973
University of Cincinnati

M.S. in biology, 1975
Ph.D. in biology, 1978
Indiana University 


University of Rochester, 1978–1981 


Assistant Professor, 1981–1986
Associate Professor, 1986–1989
Professor, 1989–1990
Baylor College of Medicine

Professor, 1990–1995
Syracuse University

Professor, 1995–1998
University of Rochester

Professor, 1998–2003
University of Virginia Health System

Professor, 2003–
The Rockefeller University