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Dr. Rosenberg’s research focuses on applying high-throughput DNA sequencing and functional genomics methods to study immunity and infectious disease. The immune system mediates host defense through diverse cellular and molecular components, the coordinated function (or dysfunction) of which have major impacts on health and disease. Recent technological advances have made it possible to explore these complex systems in unprecedented detail.

Dr. Rosenberg’s laboratory works on adapting these technologies to gain new understandings of immune function at steady-state and in response to viral infection. Among its technical development efforts, the laboratory is establishing a method for profiling complex T and B cell immune receptor repertoires at single cell resolution, thereby enabling the study of adaptive immune responses at massive breadth and depth. Dr. Rosenberg’s laboratory is also using transcriptomic methods to conduct systems-level investigations of immunity during acute and chronic viral infections. These studies explore how the host response to infection affects disease outcomes, and how persistent infections impact general immune function.