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February, 1-28, 2018

Scientists shed light on biological roots of individuality

Put 50 newborn worms in 50 separate containers, and they’ll all start looking for food at roughly the same time. Like members of other species, microscopic C. elegans roundworms tend to act like other individuals their own age. It turns out that the innate system that controls age-appropriate behavior in…...

In brief: New molecular insights on a rare immune disorder

Scientists have pieced together a molecular process that is disrupted in a rare genetic disorder called ICF syndrome, short for immunodeficiency-centromeric instability-facial anomalies. The condition is marked by an impaired immune system, distinctive facial features, and abnormal chromosomes. In a new study, researchers in Hironori Funabiki’s lab and colleagues elsewhere…...

New images reveal how the ear's sensory hairs take shape

Our ears are exquisite detection instruments, capable of discerning a whisper or distinct notes of music within a symphony. To pick up these sounds, tiny hair-like filaments in the inner ear must be packed into precisely arranged bundles, all facing the same direction. Images of the normal, tidy architecture of…...