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Lu Bai, postdoc in Frederick Cross’s Laboratory of Yeast Molecular Genetics, and Erik Debler, postdoc in Günter Blobel’s Laboratory of Cell Biology, 2007 Damon Runyon Fellowships from the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. The three-year award recognizes outstanding postdocs conducting innovative basic and translational cancer research. Dr. Bai is investigating key features in promoter architecture and chromatin structure that govern the transcription of cell cycle regulated genes. Dr. Debler is researching core structures of the nuclear pore complex (NPC). Chromosomal translocations of NPC proteins are linked to various types of cancer, including myeloid and lymphoid leukemias.

Thomas Tuschl, the 2007 Max Delbrück Medal, from the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine. The award, presented November 12 in Berlin, is in recognition of Dr. Tuschl’s research with RNA interference, which makes it possible to selectively silence genes, including those in human cells. The research is now being used to gain information on the functions of certain genes and may eventually be used in the treatment of neurological, eye and genetic diseases as well as cancer. Dr. Tuschl is head of the Laboratory of RNA Molecular Biology.

Thomas Tuschl, a 2007 Karl Heinz Beckurts Prize, for his research on RNA interference. The prize, presented in Munich December 7, is awarded for outstanding scientific or technological achievement that carries implications for further scientific innovation.

Thomas Tuschl, a 2008 Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine, from the Jung Foundation for Science and Research. The prize ceremony will be held May 9.

Promoted (academic appointments):

Nathalie Blachere, from research associate to research assistant professor, Robert Darnell Lab.

Marc-Werner Dobenecker, from postdoctoral associate to research associate, Tarakhovsky Lab.

Luisa Miranda Figueiredo, from postdoctoral associate to research associate, George Cross Lab.

Arnaud Lacoste, from postdoctoral associate to research associate, Brivanlou Lab.

Anura Rambukkana, from research assistant professor to research associate professor, Gotschlich Lab.


Adewale Adenuga, laboratory helper, Fuchs Lab.

John Agapiou, postdoctoral associate, Magnasco Lab.

Reitu Agrawal, manager of administration and operations, Rice Lab.

Thomas Allen, mechanic, Housing Scholars Residence.

Laura Banaszynski, postdoctoral associate, Allis Lab.

Helen Bateup, postdoctoral fellow, Greengard Lab.

Jimmy Beltran Argueta, animal attendant, CBC.

Kristin Bollas, archival assistant, Archive Center.

Kayee Chan, inventory control clerk, Purchasing.

Luiz Chaves, postdoctoral associate, Gadsby Lab.

Mitchell Dabrio, security guard, Security.

Hongzheng Dai, postdoctoral fellow, Chua Lab.

Ype de Jonge, visiting fellow, Rice Lab.

Beat Fierz, postdoctoral fellow, Muir Lab.

Jonathan Fisher, postdoctoral fellow, Hudspeth Lab.

Janine Fleri, manuscript coordinator JCB, The Rockefeller University Press.

Clement Gomes, security guard, Security.

Adriana Gonzalez, research assistant, Krueger Lab.

Kenneth Gorelick, member of the adjunct faculty, Fischetti Lab.

Sacha Hacker, laboratory technician, Brivanlou Lab.

Johannes Hemmes, postdoctoral associate, Chua Lab.

Jesse Izaguirre, doorperson, Housing Scholars Residence.

Thomas Jandl, postdoctoral associate, Ravetch Lab.

Anthoneth Jeffrey, health information assistant, Hospital HIS.

Kate Jeffrey, postdoctoral associate, Tarakhovsky Lab.

Daisy Jose, assistant project manager, Planning and Construction.

Emmanuelle Jouanguy, visiting assistant professor, Rice Lab.

Ilia Karatsoreos, postdoctoral fellow, McEwen Lab.

Leah Kelly, postdoctoral associate, Friedman Lab.

Ha Na Kim, postdoctoral associate, James Darnell Lab.

Veselin Kostov, research assistant, Program for the Human Environment.

Stephen H. Kunihiro, animal attendant, CBC.

Shannon Lauberth, postdoctoral fellow, Roeder Lab.

Gheorge Lungu, postdoctoral associate, Goulianos Lab.

Marina Maiuri, administrative assistant, MacKinnon Lab.

Courtney McBride, human resources assistant, Human Resources.

Sonja Meixlsperger, postdoctoral associate, Münz Lab.

Kalpesh Patel, senior systems administrator, Information Technology.

Paola Piras, postdoctoral fellow, Kreek Lab.

Makida Price, animal attendant, CBC.

James Rogers, director of security, Security.

Popi Sarma, research assistant, George Cross Lab.

Edmund Schwartz, postdoctoral associate, Muir Lab.

Uri Sela, postdoctoral fellow, Steinman Lab.

Jorge Serrano, custodian, Plant Operations Custodial Services.

Julie Sheldon, postdoctoral fellow, Rice Lab.

Radhika Subramanian, postdoctoral associate, Kapoor Lab.

Richard Torres, assistant project archivist, Rockefeller Archive Center.

Veronica Whalen, nurse manager, Hospital Nursing Inpatient.

Julie White, comparative pathologist, CBC.

Ming Yan, postdoctoral associate, Goulianos Lab.

Joaquin Zetino, receiving clerk, Purchasing.

This publication lists new hires, retirements, awards and promotions. Staff promotions are listed yearly; academic promotions and appointments are listed monthly.

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