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Statement regarding the violence in Israel and Gaza

In response to the outbreak of violence in Israel and Gaza on October 7, 2023, Rockefeller University President Richard P. Lifton today released the following statement:

The attack two days ago of Hamas on civilian targets in Israel has resulted in tragic injuries and loss of life, and has been responded to in kind by Israel in Gaza. The Rockefeller University is a diverse community of scientists, students, and staff from all over the world, including from the Middle East. Many members of our community are understandably distraught at the news, including but not limited to those who have family, friends or colleagues in the region. Our hearts go out to all who are affected by the ongoing tragedies.

The University has been reaching out to offer support to members of our community who may be affected by this horrific situation. I urge everyone to provide comfort and support to our colleagues in need in any way you can.

Additionally, if you find yourself in distress, please know that you are not alone. Call 212-327-7257 to schedule a confidential counseling session with one of Rockefeller’s mental health experts.