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Rockefeller creativity on display at the 21st annual employee art show

Linnea, a nine-year-old girl, is quite unconcerned about looks. So when her mother, Kristina Hedbacker, one day found her staring into a mirror, she was compelled to snap a photo.

“I was moved, watching this moment of self-awareness and reflection,” says Hedbacker, a research associate in the the lab of Jeffrey M. Friedman. Each night after putting her three children to sleep, Hedbacker would take out the photo of Linnea along with oil paints, a medium she had never worked in before. Bit by bit, the portrait took shape.

When Human Resources circulated their call for submissions for the 21st annual employee art show, Kristina submitted her painting, “Daughter,” which was on display throughout March in the lobby of the Weiss Research Building along with other artworks by Rockefeller community members.

“It’s wonderful to have this show where people can express and share another side of themselves,” says Ginny Hansen, director of benefits, who helps organize the event each year.

Here are some highlights from the exhibit.

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