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Lockers and Level A

Welch Hall Level A Lockers             Welch Hall Level A

Policy on the Assignment and Use of the Lockers in Markus Library


Lockers are assigned by the library staff.  Apply for a locker assignment at the Library Service Desk on Floor 2.  Lockers are preferentially offered to Rockefeller graduate students.   Postdocs will be allowed to have lockers on a year-by-year basis as long as the demand from students is met first, and there are lockers still available. Should demand from students rise, postdoc lockers may not be re-assigned to them in order to make lockers available to a student. Individuals from other institutions (notably Sloan and Cornell), will not be assigned lockers.


Lockers used by graduate students are for the duration of their tenure at Rockefeller, until they either graduate or they leave Rockefeller.  It is the student’s responsibility to clean out the locker and terminate their locker assignment by reporting their departure to library service desk on the second floor.  Please be sure to notify library staff when you are leaving so that your locker may be offered to someone waiting for one.

Permitted Uses:

Absolutely no stored food that isn’t non-perishable and in an airtight container.  Storing accessible foods will create pest problems, and odors.  Only exception is to bring your lunch to campus and store it for consumption that same day.

No storage of anything toxic, flammable, or hazardous including no storage of laboratory equipment or chemicals.  No storage of contaminated or unwashed clothing.  No items that may have timers, buzzers or alarms set.  Exception on clothing: stow your sweater or jacket and hat for the day in your locker.

DO store study materials and be sure that any books are properly checked out to you.  Office and study supplies such as CD’s, paper, pens, notebooks, keyboards.


The library staff has access to lockers at all times, but will honor an individual’s privacy at all times unless extraordinary circumstances necessitate examining a locker’s content.   These circumstances include:

  • The locker assignee is unable to get into his/her locker and requests assistance.
  • Campus Security requires access to the contents.
  • The student has left Rockefeller and did not properly terminate use of his/her locker. Library staff will enter the locker and dispose of all contents before re-assignment to another user.
  • There are noises, odors, or reason to suspect that there are dangerous or inappropriate items/materials in the locker.  The library staff may inspect a locker and remove such items.

How to unlock:

  1. To Open – Turn RIGHT 3 times. Stop at the 1st number.
  2. Turn LEFT one full turn passing the 1st number to stop at the 2nd number.
  3. Turn RIGHT to 3rd number. Lift locker handle. Locker door will open.
  4. To RELOCK, close door and turn dial to LEFT one full turn.

For additional information contact: The Library Services Desk, x8904.


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