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Self Checkout Stations


3M R series Self Check Out Station

The library has two 3M self check out machines which allow patrons to sign out books 24 hours a day. One is located on the second floor of Welch Hall, the other is located on Level B.

RUL barcode

In order to use the library’s self-checkout machines you must have a RU barcode on the back of you ID card. If you don’t, you may obtain a barcode from a library staff member at the second floor library services desk.

You can sign out books, renewal those books you already have signed out and check your account information. Just follow the easy to use visual instructions on the screen.

  1. Place your RU ID card (barcode up) under the red scan line, then remove.
  2. Place each item on the gray square.
  3. Please wait while your items are being scanned.
  4. When done remove the items.
  5. You will then have the options to: Print a receipt, E-mail a receipt, No receipt or Check your account information, which allows you to see what you have checked out, any overdues, holds and fines or fees.