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Where are the print books located?
The books are located in Welch Hall on the Second Floor, Level A, B and the Cafe.
Where are the print journals located?
The library no longer subscribes to journals in print. All journals that the library subscribes to are now in electronic format and can be found on our Journals A-Z or “Primo Search”.
Where do I find the electronic books?
Through our “Primo Search”
How can I obtain an article from a journal or a book that the library does not have access to?
You can request articles at If we do not have a subscription to a journal or book that you need, we will request it from another library. See our Request an Article or Book page for more information.
Why can’t I access all of the content from an e-journal listed in the electronic journals page?
  • Subscription may be limited to a certain time frame of which dates of coverage are listed below journal title.
  • We may not subscribe to the journal’s entire coverage. For example, the library could have a subscription to the current contents and not to the archives of a journal.
  • Content may not yet be entirely available online. Sometimes only abstracts may be available while the full text is still being digitized by the publisher.
I have a journal recommendation I’d like to suggest. Where can I do this?
You may send an e-mail to:
Who can help me with electronic resources?
Douglas Many, Library Systems Manager, x8906 or email:
How do I access our electronic resources from off campus?
You must first connect securely to the campus network from over the internet by using VPN. For more information visit our SSLVPN website at
Why can’t I access electronic journals from Weill Cornell or Memorial Sloan Kettering if they are listed in our catalog?
Their online journals can only be accessed from within their IP range (must be using their computers on their physical grounds).
How do I look up journal impact factors?
Go to Journal Citation Reports. You can look up impact factors for journals from 1998-current available year. You can search by individual journal title, subjects, or by year. For further help on using Journal Citation Reports contact
How do I search for books?
You can find books by searching “Primo Search”.
How do I reserve a book?
Go to “Markus Library Search”, search for a book and pull up the record. At the top of the screen, select the “Request” button. Enter your name and barcode (to obtain your barcode, email A librarian will search for the book, retrieve it and place it on hold at the library service desk, located on the Second Floor of Welch Hall. You will receive an email alert notifying you that the book is ready for pickup. Books that are currently checked out to other patrons will have a longer wait time. If the book cannot be located, a librarian will request it from another library.
Can I borrow books from Weill Cornell and Memorial-Sloan Kettering?
Yes. Using your Rockefeller ID card you may use the facilities and borrow books from both institutions.
The book I want is checked out, what can I do?
Contact or phone x8904. We will place a hold on the book for you, notifying you as soon as it is returned.
Where can I return books?
To the Library, located in Welch Hall, second floor or in the book drop in Founders Hall Lobby.
How do I see the books I have checked out?
You may look up your patron record in “Primo Search”, by signing in with your RUNet account and access “MY LIBRARY CARD” or at either Self-Checkout Station. You will need to have your RU barcode (phone x8904 to get this).


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