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Emergency notification: The campus is closed except to essential personnel and those conducting approved critical lab operations or approved COVID-19 research. Updates here.

Instruments and Techniques

The HTSRC has the capability to support cellular and biochemical assays using absorbancefluorescent kinetics, fluorescence anisotropy, time-resolved fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transferAlphaScreen, bioluminescence, for example luciferase and green fluorescent protein, scintillation proximity, cellular fluorescence imaging and SPE-Mass Spectrometer. Assay targets can include ion channelsreceptorsenzymesprotein interactions, signaling pathways and cellular processes.

The following instruments are available for small molecule/target analysis: a  microscale thermophoresis instrument, a circular dichroism spectrometer (CD), a surface plasmon resonance detector (SPR), an (ITC), an NMR, a high throughput Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument, and a differential scanning fluorimetry (thermal melt analysis) instrument.

If you are interested in setting up an HTS/drug discovery project or utilizing our spectroscopic instruments please contact Assay development and screening typically require a significant financial and time commitment and advance discussions are needed to prepare for the project. This resource center is a shared facility supported by Weill-Cornell Medical College and Rockefeller University, and we welcome clients from those institutions. Due to a high demand for our services, we can accept projects from outside institutions only on a case-by-case basis.  The HTSRC does not currently support research in conjunction with for-profit entities.


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High-Throughput Screening Resource Center
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