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HTSRC Fees Fiscal Year 2022

The costs of screening are quite variable and depend on the assay protocol. This fee list does not include specialized reagents, disposables
Service Unit per FY2022
Miscellaneous Analytical instruments and plate readers hour $20.34
Calorimieter- Malvern AutoITC200 hour (minimum 4 hour booking) $14.42
Database/Computer Access Fee IXM, CDD, Rapid-Fire (minimum of 6) month-user $103.00
Hit compounds for re-testing (10-64 cmpds ) 3 uL of 5mM sol’n $9.53
Hit compounds for re-testing (64-1000 cmpds ) 3 uL of 5mM sol’n $3.61
HTS Set-Up ea $1,062.96
Extramural HTS Surcharge project $8,677.75
Extramural Instrument Use Surcharge person-year $545.90
Miscellaneous Liquid dispensers-Automated hour $28.84
Multi-Flo Liquid Dispenser hour $40.00
Monthly Fee-Access fee month-user $69.01
ORFeome clones ea $76.48
Rapid-Fire Analytical MicroPlate Reader plus solvent hour $25.75
screening compounds (first 50,000, 352 per plate, 142 plates) plate $49.75
screening compounds (remainder of library, 215K cmpds, 611 plates, 352 per plate ) plate $24.31
Fragment Screening Compounds library $2,884.00
Service-LC-MS for HTS samples ea $19.06
Surface Plasmon Resonance-Proteon XPR hour $47.79
Technical Support hour $99.40
typical INTRAMURAL screening fees for 420,000 cmpds* $46,000
typical INTRAMURAL screening fees for 50,000 cmpds* $10,271.16
Radioisotope Fee year/user $600.49
Multi-Flo Cassettes 6 months rental $400
Workstations-Computer software hour $9.53


The Rockefeller University
Box 203
1230 York Ave
New York, NY 10065

High-Throughput Screening Resource Center
Bronk Laboratory
DWB Room 216