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Amnis ImageStream-X

The ImageStream Technology from Amnis – combines the quantitative power of Flow Cytometry with High Content Image Analysis. It gives you morphology, fluorescence localization, and population statistics for a broad range of applications.

High Sensitivity With High Speed – Dual six-channel CCD cameras and a novel velocity detection system work in concert to collect 1,000 times more light than conventional technology. The technique is called Time Delay Integration. The result is high resolution imagery with fluorescence sensitivity superior to flow cytometry.

Multispectral Imaging For Maximum Information Per Cell – Illumination in the ImageStream system is provided by a brightfield LED lamp, a 488 nm, 407 nm, 561 nm and 658 nm lasers excitation lasers with separate lasers for SSC and SpeedBead detection. Cellular imagery is split into twelve component colors through a unique spectral decomposition element. The result is a brightfield image, a darkfield image, and multiple fluorescence images of every cell.

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Image Stream 100