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Data generated from Cell Sorting conducted by FCRC Staff

IMPORTANT: No external HD or flash drives are permitted for use. For large amount of files, please transfer them via box@RU.

  1. 1. Collected data are transferred to corresponding Laboratory Shared Folder on CFS (\\\Shares\Labs\LABHEADLab\RUShares\FlowCytometry) by the morning of the next business day.
  2. 2. Researchers are responsible to make archival copies of their data, preferably the next day after Cell Sorting.
    1. a. We suggest that researchers make at least two copies of the data and store them in separate locations.
    2. b. To conserve CFS space and costs, we suggest removing originals from CFS as soon as you have made copies of your data.
  3. 3. For operation purposes, the FCRC retains data since 2002 but makes no guarantees of the retrievability of data that is older than six months.