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Data generated from FCRC self-operated Basic Flow Cytometry Analyzer BD Accuri® C6

IMPORTANT: No external HD or flash drives are permitted for use. For large amount of files, please transfer them via box@RU.

  1. 1. After completion of the acquisition the experimental file should be temporary saved to the Documents folder on the computer attached to the instrument.
  2. 2. FCS files should be exported as “All sample to Third party” and a folder with a name “yyyymmdd_XXXXXX” will be automatically created in the “CFLOW-FCS Exports” folder on the desktop. Rename the FCS folder to make it same as your experimental file with adding FCS.
  3. 3. To avoid problems, after the completion of the experiment, all the experimental file and FCS folder should be immediately transferred to your CFS Folder or sent via box@RU. All the experiment files and FCS files could be kept in the Documents folder and the local desktop for 7 days.
  4. 4. Researchers are responsible to make archival copies of their data immediately after they accomplished data acquisition:
    1. a. We suggest that researchers make at least two copies of the data and store them in separate locations.
    2. b. To conserve CFS space and costs, we suggest removing originals from CFS as soon as you have made copies of your data.