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Friday, September 13, 2019

Lectures and Symposia, Academic Symposia

Anderson Center for Cancer Research Symposium

Zachary Mirman, graduate fellow, Laboratory of Cell Biology and Genetics, The Rockefeller University
Sidney Strickland, Ph.D., vice president for educational affairs, dean of graduate and postgraduate studies, professor and head, Patricia and John Rosenwald Laboratory of Neurobiology and Genetics, The Rockefeller University
Richard A. Young, Ph.D., member, Whitehead Institute; professor of biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Roel Nusse, Ph.D., principal investigator, department of developmental biology, Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Stanford University; investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Charles Swanton, Ph.D., FRCPBSc, chair, personalised cancer medicine, University College London; group leader, The Francis Crick Institute
| M-107, MSKCC, 1275 YORK AVE.
Tri-Institutional Events (at MSK & WCM), Other Tri-Institutional Events

How Cells Defend Their Cytosol against Bacterial Invasion

Felix Randow, Ph.D., program leader, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology