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Calendar of Events & Lectures

Friday, February 2, 2018

Lecture Series , Friday Lecture Series

RNA-programmed Genome Rearrangement and Editing in the Ciliate Oxytricha

The Joshua Lederberg Distinguished Lectureship in Molecular Genetics

Laura Landweber, Ph.D., professor of biochemistry & molecular biophysics and of biological sciences, Columbia University
| M-107 MSKCC, 1275 YORK AVE.
Tri-Institutional Events (at MSKCC & WCMC) , Other Tri-Institutional Events

Electrochemical Biosensors

Ariel Furst, Ph.D., Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley
| 301 WRB
Seminars & Symposia , Other Lectures, Seminars and Symposia

Poring Over the Pore: Structural and Functional Anatomy of the Nuclear Pore Complex

Javier Fernandez Martinez, Ph.D., research associate, The Rockefeller University