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From Neanderthals to COVID-19: Genetic and Evolutionary Sources of Human Immune Response Variation

  • This event already took place in April 2022
  • Carson Family Auditorium (CRC)

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Lluis Quintana-Murci, Ph.D., professor, Pasteur Institute and Collège de France
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Dr. Quintana-Murci, presently Professor at the Collège de France and Institut Pasteur, earned his Ph.D. in Population Genetics at the University of Pavia (Italy), and his MSc in Biology at the University of Barcelona (Spain). He heads the Unit of Human Evolutionary Genetics in the Institut Pasteur since 2007, and he was Scientific Director of the Institut during 2016-2017. He is a population geneticist whose research focuses on understanding the demographic and adaptive past of human populations, with a strong focus on Africa and the Pacific. He is also interested in how pathogens have exerted selective pressures on the human genome. In this context, his research focuses on the study of the genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors driving variation in human immune responses, as this helps to lay the foundations of precision medicine related to infectious and immune-related disorders. He has co-authored over 250 publications on fundamental population genetics as well as evolutionary genetics of infection and systems immunology. He is a member of EMBO, the Academia Europaea, and the French Academy of Sciences.

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Mark Woollett
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