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Usage Rates for Fiscal Year 2018

EMRC Usage Rates for FY2018 (July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018)

Category I (done by users) Unit RU users Non-RU user
Processing Tissue / Immuno EM /run  $16.00  $32.00
Automated sample process /run  $73.00  $146.50
Use of High  presure freezing /run  $160.00  $318.00
Use of Freeze substitution* /hour  $1.08  $2.15
* LN2 supply for Freeze substitution /fill  $27.00  $54.00
Use of supporting device: CPD, Ion Spatter, Bio Wave, Glass knife maker, ultra microtome /hour  $16.00  $32.00
Cryo-EM Preparation (Cyo Plunger, Cryo-Holder Evacuations, Heating plate, Ethane, LN2) /hour  $16.00  $32.00
Scoping EM (Peak time 10am-6pm, M-F) /hour  $46.00  $92.00
Scoping EM (Off Peak time -6pm-10am, M-F) /hour  $33.00  $66.00
Scoping EM (Overnight 10PM to 9:30am, M-TH, 10pm Fri to 8am Mon)   $22.30 $44.60
Scoping (LM) /hour  $33.00  $66.00
Image analysis station (IMOD, Chimera, AMIRA, Fiji, Image J, etc.) /hour  $10.50  $21.00
Category II (done by EMRC staff) Unit  RU users   Non-RU user 
Consultation /hour  FREE   $160.00
Training  /hour  FREE   $160.00
Scoping EM /hour  $75.00  $150.00
Labor** /hour  $75.00  $150.00
Use of High  pressure freezer /run  $160.00  $320.00
Use of Freeze substitution* /hour  $1.08  $2.15
* LN2 supply for freeze substitution /fill  $27.00  $54.00
Serial /Cryo  sectioning /hour  $106.00  $213.00
 Miscellanreous supply  unit  $10.00  $10.00
Category III (3View Operation by EMRC Staff) Unit   RU users   Non-RU user 
Trimming, mounting and testing sample /sample  $160.00  $320.00
Half-day operation /run  $244.00  $488.00
One-day operation /run  $436.00  $872.00
Extended data collection (Peak time) /hour  $46.00  $92.00
Extended data collection (Off peak time) /hour  $33.00  $66.00

Priority is placed for RU projects. Non-RU projects may be available depending on capacity and availability of device and/or EMRC staff.
Note: Examples of typical experiments: The following examples are provided as guidance for budget planning:
1. Conventional TEM: discussion (1hr) + tissue process (~8hr) + cutting sections (~1hr/sample) + staining + scope time
1. Conventional SEM: discussion (1hr) + tissue process (4-8hr) + coating + scope time
2. Immuno EM: discussion (1hr) + Immuno-staining variable) + tissue process (~8hr) + cutting sections (1hr/sample) + staining + scope time
3. Negative staining: discussion (1hr) + glow discharge (20 min) + negative staining + scope time
5. Training of operation of EM: a couple of hours
** List of “Labor” includes following items, but not limited
Processing tissue/cell for (≤6 samples/run) (~8hr for TEM, ~4-6hr for SEM, ~12 hr for 3View)
Immuno-EM  (≤6 samples/run)
Negative staining  (≤6 samples/run)
Cryo-EM Preparation
Use of supporting device: Critical Point Dryer, Ion Spatter, Bio Wave, Evaporator
Ultrathin sections 
Computer image process and analysis