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More Resources

Here are a few links to valuable tools for building a strong professional and career development plan.

  • The New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS), through its Science Alliance, has a collection of resources for career development.
  • The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) features many great career resources at Science Careers –
  • At you can create a personal strategy and timeline (known as an Individual Development Plan, or IDP) for exploring careers, and gaining the experience needed to pursue your chosen field(s).

There are also several organizations led by Rockefeller graduate students and postdoctoral fellows that are actively engaged in career development initiatives, including:

  • The Postdoctoral Association (PDA)
  • Women in Science at Rockefeller (WISeR)
  • People at Rockefeller Identifying as Sexual Minorities (PRISM)
  • Rockefeller Inclusive Science Initiative (RISI)
  • Tri-Institutional Minority Society (TIMS)
  • Tri-Institutional Biotech Club (TRIBC)
  • The Tri-Institutional Consulting Club
  • The Science and Education Policy Association (SEPA)
  • International Networking in NYC (INetNYC)
  • Science Communication and Media Group (SciCommMedia)