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This message was sent to the Rockefeller community from Occupational Health Services on January 12, 2021 at 2:15 p.m.
Subject: COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Update

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To The Rockefeller University Community:

Yesterday and again today, new groups of people from our community were deemed eligible by New York State to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. We have heard back from many of you who were able to make appointments at one of the vaccine hubs. Additionally, we have heard back from many of you who ran into difficulty with the sites, which were functioning, but not displaying any available appointment times.

We have two important updates:

  1. New eligible groups have been announced:
    • College instructors
    • People over 65
    • Immunocompromised individuals
  2. We have identified three links that are working consistently for determining eligibility and making appointments:
    • NYS Eligibility site: This site will confirm your eligibility and allow you to schedule an appointment at the Javits Center within about 10 days.
    • Mount Sinai: This link will allow you to find and schedule an appointment within the Mount Sinai Health System. The earliest appointments as of this morning are on January 26th.
    • New York H & H: This site will allow you to determine eligibility and find an appointment in the NYC Health and Hospitals system. Now scheduling for January 26th and beyond.

If your group is not currently eligible, please know that new groups are coming online daily, and we will be sending out updates as often as necessary. Under New York’s expanded eligibility, the following individuals at The Rockefeller University are now eligible to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment:

  • Individuals Age 65 and older
  • Instructors at The Rockefeller University
  • CFC teachers and all administrative, support staff, and contractors
  • Licensed healthcare providers with patient facing roles
  • The Rockefeller University Hospital personnel with patient contact
  • Security
  • Laboratory personnel handling live SARS-CoV-2 viral samples
  • Individuals who are immunocompromised
  • College instructors
  • If you believe you should be eligible, but you aren’t in one of the categories described above, please check the New York State Eligibility Tracker

The university is also preparing for on-campus vaccination once vaccine supplies are available. Once you are vaccinated, please email OHS with a completed copy of your vaccine card. If you have questions or feedback about your experience, please feel free to reach out to our office.

Be well,

Occupational Health Services