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Phase III+: The University is open for expanded research operations; only authorized personnel will be admitted on campus. More info here.

Travel Instructions

Non-essential travel to areas of high incidence of COVID-19 continues to be discouraged at this time.  COVID-19 remains a threat. Being fully vaccinated and boosted, as well as following safety guidelines for disease mitigation, will greatly decrease your risk of complications from COVID-19 disease.

Those considering  travel should keep in mind their own individual risk factors and exposure to at-risk populations, such as those who are elderly, immunosuppressed, live with children too young to be vaccinated, or have serious underlying medical issues. All travelers must closely follow the CDC’s travel updates before and during travel. Employees are strongly encouraged to consult the CDC Travel Map when planning essential international travel.

Employees and students do not have to report travel to the University or to the New York State Department of Health. All Child and Family Center (CFC) students who travel domestically or internationally must continue to report travel to the CFC.

Fully vaccinated individuals DO NOT have to quarantine after domestic and international travel. All travelers are required to follow CDC guidelines regarding testing for travel.

More information, including up-to-date data about COVID-19, is available from the IATACDCNYC Department of Health, and the University’s pandemic preparedness website.

The safety and health of University employees and students remains a top priority. Thank you once again for your cooperation in promoting the health of our community.