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Phase III+: The University is open for expanded research operations; only authorized personnel will be admitted on campus. More info here.

Our Facilities

We have 15 classrooms for children across two buildings located in the GSR and Sophie Fricke buildings on Rockefeller University’s campus on the Upper East Side. The campus is self-contained, with security at every entrance. The parents’ labs and offices are close by, allowing them to visit their children in the center when they have the opportunity.

The CFC has three outdoor children’s play spaces with climbing equipment, wheel toys, big sandboxes, and outdoor building blocks. Children have access to the whole Rockefeller University campus all year round. They become familiar with the outdoor and indoor art collection and are able to play freely outdoors and in the CFC’s own Children’s Garden.

Indoors we are fortunate to have spacious rooms with an abundance of natural light and large playrooms where toddlers and preschoolers take movement classes weekly. We also have a designated Library and a fully-stocked Art Room. Staff members have their own lounge and kitchen, as well as access to washer and drying machines in each of our buildings.


Pamela Stark
Director of the Child and Family Center

Kathy Burke
Administrative Assistant

The T-shirt Shop

The T-shirt Shop sells Rockefeller University branded clothing and other items such as mugs, backpacks, pens and notebooks.

The proceeds of the T-shirt shop benefit the Rockefeller University Child and Family Center.

Mondays: 12:15pm–12:45pm
Fridays: 5pm–5:30pm.
Can also be opened by appointment.

1st floor of the Rockefeller Research Building

For questions, to purchase items for an event, to suggest new items, or to volunteer in the shop (CFC parents) please contact: