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Children's Art Work

Leo's artwork

Leo – age 3

Oliver's artwork

Oliver – age 5

Tien-Tien's art

Tien-Tien – age 3

Darius's art

Darius – age 2

William's art

William – age 2

Juni's artwork

Juni – age 4

Cole's artwork

Cole – age 2.5

Anna's art

Anna – age 1.5

Ali's artwork

Ali – age 3

Iddo's artwork

Iddo – age 1.7

Caroline's Art

Caroline – age 2

William's art

William – age 2

The T-shirt Shop

The T-shirt Shop sells Rockefeller University branded clothing and other items such as mugs, backpacks, pens and notebooks.

The proceeds of the T-shirt shop benefit the Rockefeller University Child and Family Center.

Mondays: 12:15pm–12:45pm
Fridays: 5pm–5:30pm.
Can also be opened by appointment.

1st floor of the Rockefeller Research Building

For questions, to purchase items for an event, to suggest new items, or to volunteer in the shop (CFC parents) please contact: