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Rockefeller University’s commitment to recycling has continued to grow over the past several years. Recycling protects the earth’s natural resources, uses less energy and saves landfill space. It is with these facts in mind that the university has made it easier to recycle on campus by adding more recycling bins as well as broadening the types of items that are collected for recycling. Students and employees are even encouraged to bring recyclable materials from home if they lack access to proper recycling centers.

Services and locations for recyclable items

  • Alkaline and non-alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries from personal use are also accepted on campus. Battery recycling bins are located in the Plaza Lobby (near vending machines), Plaza 1st Floor (near the Storeroom), Bronk 1st Floor Northeast, Bronk 2nd Floor Lobby, and Founder’s Hall A Floor (near the Mailroom).
  • Computers and all computer peripherals. Custodial should be contacted to arrange for pickup of all computers and computer peripherals (contact IT to have them erase all information from the hard drive of any computer before it is recycled).
  • Fluorescent bulbs, which can be dropped off at the Lab Safety office in Founders Hall A-10.
  • Inkjet and laser toners. Toners from personal use can also be recycled. Drop off on rack next to Storeroom, 1st Floor Plaza Building.
  • Shipping materials.
  • Paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, cartons, metal, and foil. Bins for recycling are located in labs and offices throughout the campus.
  • Mercury and silver, under our EPA-compliant hazardous and universal waste management programs.
  • Clean and empty plastic bags. Plastic bag recycling bins are located in Plaza lobby (near vending machines), Weiss Lobby, Bronk 2nd Floor Lobby, Founder’s Hall A Floor (near the Mailroom) and Flexner Hall A Floor Lobby.
  • Clothing. Donate your clothing on the Upper East Side at Housing Works Thrift Shop (202 East 77th Street) and the Arthritis Foundation Thrift Shop (1383 3rd Avenue at 79th Street). Recycle your clothing at the St. Stephen’s Greenmarket on Saturdays between 9:00 am and 2:00 p.m. (82nd Street between York and 1st Avenues).


Bicycle rack locations

Bicycle racks are provided for use in several locations around campus:

  • 66th Street Gate parking lot
  • At the end of the 68th Street parking lot under the tennis court (by the staircase in the back)
  • To the right of the Bronk Laboratory entrance (on the plaza next to the Graduate Students Residence)
  • Behind Bronk Laboratory on the Peggy Rockefeller Plaza (for students only)
  • In front of the Greenberg building