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Date: November 29th 2023escape the lab
Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Venue: RockEDU Lab – The Rockefeller University

It’s not just an escape room; it’s a GREEN revolution! 

Organized by:

  • The Green Lab Initiative – WCM PDA
  • RockEDU Lab
  • Climate Action Committee – MSKCC PDA

Proudly sponsored by:

  • WCM Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Rockefeller University Sustainability Committee
  • MSKCC Postdoctoral Association

Prepare to break free from the ordinary and dive into an adventure that fuses science, teamwork, and sustainability like never before!

Get ready to ESCAPE THE LAB, a thrilling event where you’ll crack codes, solve mysteries, and unlock the secrets of sustainable science practices. It’s a journey into the future of research, and it’s going to be a blast!

Gather your dream team and step into the unknown! You’ll find yourself in a lab with one mission – uncover the eco-revolution inside the lab! Conquer the mind-bending puzzles and find the key to your freedom. It’s a test of wit, cooperation, and eco-knowledge that will change the way you see the world of science.

Teams of up to 4 can enter this epic quest. Your team will have 45 minutes to escape the lab. Make sure to have at least one postdoc in your squad! Spaces are limited, so don’t wait—register your team now to secure your spot.

Your team will be competing against other teams from all Tri-I institutions. Prizes for the fastest teams and eco-friendly gifts for all participants are assured!