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Tangible Materials

Monoclonal Antibodies (MAbs) 

Mouse strains from Fuchs, et al.

Research Tools

Title Inventor Rockefeller Reference Number

Biocompatible Quantum Dots for In Vivo Imaging

Libchaber, et al. RU 600

A Novel Multivariate Statistical Approach for Decision-Making in Clinical Trials and Personalized Medicine

Wittkowski, et al. RU 765 

Reagents Package: Novel Enzymes for Efficient Nucleic Acid Extraction.

Fischetti et al. RU 621, 625, 651, 654, 755, 764, and 885

A Novel Ligase-Based System to Efficiently Label MicroRNAs

Tuschl, et al. RU 830

A Novel Epitope Tag and Highly Sensitive Monoclonal Antibodies for Improved Immunodetection of Tagged Proteins

Steinman, et al. RU 848

An Inexpensive Portable Holographic Microscopic Device

Leibler, et al. RU 867 

A Novel Method for the Production of Nanoscale Membrane Particles

Sakmar, et al.  RU 870 

ePiggyBac: A Novel Tool For Reprogramming Human Cells

Brivanlou, et al.  RU 878  

Novel Stable Phosphohistidine Analogues

Muir, et al.  RU 901

A Novel Technique to Identify RNA Targets of RNA-Binding Proteins and Ribonucleoprotein Complexes

Tuschl, et al. RU 902

A Novel Method For MicroRNA, Non-coding RNA and mRNA Detection By In-situ Hybridization

Tuschl, et al. RU 910, 1030

Novel Engineered Trypanosomes as Vaccine Delivery Vectors

Papavasiliou, et al. RU 962

Type III CRISPR System for Improved and Efficacious Genome Editing

Marraffini, et al. RU 1205

A Novel Quantitative Method for tRNA-profiling

 Tavazoie and Goodarzi RU 1301





Tangible MaterialsMonoclonal Antibodies (MAbs) Mouse strains from Fuchs, et al.Research ToolsTitleInventorRockefeller Reference NumberBiocompatible Quantum Dots for