Tangible Materials

Monoclonal Antibodies: MAbs

Fuchs, et al. Available mouse strains.

RU 609: Chait, et al. A peptide useful for antibody or Protein A (PrA)-tagged protein purification.

Research Tools

RU 499: Simon, et al. Generation of specific and detectable primary antibodies.

RU 600: Libchaber, et al. Biocompatible Quantum Dots for In Vivo Imaging.

RU 765: Wittkowski, et al. A Novel Multivariate Statistical Approach for Decision-Making in Clinical Trials and Personalized Medicine.

RU 621, 625, 651, 654, 755, 764, and 885: Fischetti, et al. Novel Enzymes for Efficient Nucleic Acid Extraction.

RU 830: Tuschl, et al. A Novel Ligase-Based System to Efficiently Label MicroRNAs.

RU 848: Steinman, et al. A Novel Epitope Tag and Highly Sensitive Monoclonal Antibodies for Improved Immunodetection of Tagged Proteins.

RU 867: Leibler, et al. An Inexpensive Portable Holographic Microscopic Device.

RU 870: Sakmar, et al. A Novel Method for the Production of Nanoscale Membrane Particles.

RU 878: Brivanlou, et al. ePiggyBac: A Novel Tool For Reprogramming Human Cells.

RU 901: Muir, et al. Novel Stable Phosphohistidine Analogues.

RU 902: Tuschl, et al. A Novel Technique to Identify RNA Targets of RNA-Binding Proteins and Ribonucleoprotein Complexes.

RU 910, 1030: Tuschl, et al. A Novel Method For MicroRNA, Non-coding RNA and mRNA Detection By In-situ Hybridization.

RU 962: Papavasiliou, et al. Novel Engineered Trypanosomes as Vaccine Delivery Vectors.

RU 1113: Chait, Rout, et al. Rapid And Low Cost Approach For The Production Of Large Repertoires Of Highly Specific Nanobodies.

RU 1205: Marraffini, et al. Type III CRISPR System for Improved and Efficacious Genome Editing.


Monoclonal Antibodies: MAbsFuchs, et al. Available mouse strains.RU 609: Chait, et al. A peptide useful for antibody or Protein A (PrA)-tagged protein purification.Research ToolsRU 499: Simon