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Immunology & Inflammation

Title Inventor Rockefeller Reference Number
A Novel and Quantitative Diagnostic Assay for Nucleic Acid-Based Markers. Ho, et al. RU 420
Novel Stimulatory Glycolipid Ligands for Natural Killer T-Cells. Tsuji, et al. RU 730 & 832
Novel Agents for the Treatment and Diagnosis of Various Cancers. Darnell, et al. RU 824
Novel Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases. Steinman, et al. RU 835
Modified Vaccines for Treatment of Autoimmune and Immunodeficiency Diseases Ravetch, et al. RU 943
Novel Engineered Trypanosomes as Vaccine Delivery Vectors. Papavasiliou, Stavropoulos. RU 962
Novel and Effective Anti-Inflammatory Molecules. Ravetch, et al. RU 1062
Modified Immune Complexes Generate Broad Based Protection Against H1 Influenza. Ravetch, et al. RU 1227
HIV Antibody Package (Novel and Potent Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies for HIV Therapy) Various RU 1024, 1079, 1182, 1204, 1045, 1097, & 1216
Anti-HIV Bispecific Antibodies with Modified IgG Hinge for Enhanced Breadth and Potency Ravetch, et al. RU 1225
Inhibiting Chronic Inflammation via Chemotaxis Regulation Ponda, Breslow RU 1265


TitleInventorRockefeller Reference NumberA Novel and Quantitative Diagnostic Assay for Nucleic Acid-Based Markers.Ho, et al.RU 420Novel Stimulatory Glycolipid Ligands for Nat