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RU 420: Ho, et al. A Novel and Quantitative Diagnostic Assay for Nucleic Acid-Based Markers.

RU 671: de Lange et al. Human Telomeric Proteins Involved in Cancer and Cellular Aging.

RU 824: Darnell, et al. Novel Agents for the Treatment and Diagnosis of Various Cancers.

RU 999: Ravetch, et al. Modified Anti-TNFR Antibodies for Improved Treatment of Tumors.

RU 1034: Steller, et al. Novel Activators of Apoptosis That Target XIAP for Cancer Therapy.

RU 1101: Allis, et al. Novel Peptide Inhibitors of PRC2 for the Treatment of Cancer.

RU 1113: Rout et al. Rapid And Low Cost Approach For The Production Of Large Repertoires Of Highly Specific Nanobodies.

RU 1171: Fuchs, et al. Novel Mode of Treating Squamous Cell Carcinomas with Nuclear Export Inhibitors.