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How to Respond When an Active Shooter is on Campus

Options for Consideration Active Shooter Training Video

On-line Independent Study Course from FEMA EMI

Escape - Hide - Take Action

The following guidelines are designed to help you determine the most reasonable way to protect your own life in the event that an Active Shooter incident occurs on Rockefeller University property


  • Know the nearest exit route
  • Leave your belongings
  • Remain calm
  • Keep your hands visible


  • If unable to escape, hide in an area out of view of the shooter
  • Lock doors and block entryways
  • Remain quiet
  • Silence cell phones

Take Action

  • Only as a last resort and only when life is in imminent danger
  • Use whatever is available as a weapon, i.e., chair, fire extinguisher etc.
  • Attempt to incapacitate shooter

Call 1111 / 911 or 212-327-7111 when it is safe to do so

How you should react when the Security or Police arrive on scene

  • Remain calm and follow the officers' instructions
  • Keep hands raised and visible at all times
  • Avoid screaming and yelling
  • Avoid any sudden movements

Information you should provide to Security and Police

  • Location of Shooter (what building, floor, room) Detailed description of shooter
  • Type and number of weapons
  • Number of victims and their location and condition