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Lost and Found Property

The Security Department maintains and administers lost and found property. If Security personnel find an unattended object, an attempt will be made to locate the owner (ie. interviewing nearby people). If we are unable to locate the owner, the location where the object was found will be noted, the object taken to the Security Desk in Founder's Hall, and the information entered into the Lost and Found database.

Searching for Lost Property

If you have lost property on campus, contact Security at ext. 8506. Provide Security with a detailed description of the property and the time frame during which and the location on campus where is was presumed lost. If an object matching this description is in Security's custody, you will be asked to come to Security to identify it in person. If there are no objects matching the description, Security will file a report on your missing property and alert you if an object matching that description is entered into the Lost Property holdings.

Claiming Lost Property

To claim an object, the claimant must be provide proof of identity, e.g., a valid University ID card or government-issued ID such as a driver's license, and must sign the Lost and Found Claim Sheet.