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Emergency Information

In case of emergency, dial 1111 (from a cell phone, dial 212-327-7111). In case of fire or smoke, pull the nearest fire alarm and evacuate the area.

Areas of refuge on campus:

Location Area of refuge
Caspary Hall/Abby Aldrich Founder's Hall Lobby
Bronk Building Rockefeller Research Building Lobby
CRC Abby Lounge
Flexner Hall Abby Lounge
Founder's Hall Abby Lounge
Gasser Hall Weiss Lobby
GSRH Weiss Lobby
Hospital Building Rockefeller Research Building Lobby
IT Pavilion RRB Lobby
CBC Weiss Lobby
Nurses Residence Abby Lounge
Plaza Building Weiss Lobby
Rockefeller Research Building Weiss Lobby
Sophie Fricke Weiss Lobby
Smith Hall Annex Abby Lounge
Welch Hall Abby Lounge
Weiss Rockefeller Research Building Lobby