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University Alert System

Send Word Now is used for emergency notices to the campus community about utility, facility and operations issues, drills and false alarms.

Send Word Now messages are sent, as a baseline, to university extensions, university email addresses, and university-owned cell phones. You can choose to add your personal contact information such as home and personal cell phone numbers to the SendWordNow database. If you enroll additional contact numbers and devices, you will receive SendWordNow notices on those phones and devices in addition to your university numbers. So, if you don't want to get called at home, don't add your home phone number to your record. But remember, if you don't enroll your personal phone numbers in your Send Word Now record, the University can't send you emergency notices at those numbers.

Questions about how the University uses Send Word Now may be posed to Amy Wilkerson.

Questions on enrollment or updating your record should be directed to Jennifer Groves at extension 8291 or