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Structural Biology Resource Center User Fees FY17

Instrument UsageRU researchersNon-RU researchers
X-ray generator* $10/hour $48/hour
Cryo Shipper $100/3 weeks $200/3 weeks
Phoenix nanodrop $3.30/tray $14.50/tray
Formulator $5.75/tray $20/tray
UV fluorescence No fee $6.50/hour
User training, consultation No fee $6.50/hour
User training, consultation No fee $70/hour
Äkta Purifier $140/day $515/day
Phastsystem Electrophoresis (w/o gels) $10/run $20/run



*Annual fees will be capped at $10,200 for Rockefeller researchers.  There is no fee cap for external users.          

Please contact the Manager of the Center to discuss details of your investigation.

Instrument UsageRU researchersNon-RU researchersX-ray generator*$10/hour$48/hourCryo Shipper$100/3 weeks$200/3 weeksPhoenix nanodrop$3.30/tray$14.50/trayFormulato