Structural Biology Resource Center User Fees FY14

July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014

Instrument Usage                              RU researchers         Non-RU researchers

X-ray generator*                                  $9.00/hour                  $44.00/hour

Phoenix nanodrop                                 $3.00/tray                   $13.00/tray

Formulator                                           $5.00/tray                   $17.50/tray

UV fluorescence microscope                  No fee                         $5.75/hour

User training, consultation                     No fee                         $63.00/hour


*Annual fees will be capped at $9,900 per Rockefeller Laboratory so that usage in excess of 1100 hours will be at no additional charge.  There is no fee cap for external users.          

Please contact the Manager of the Center to discuss details of your investigation.