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Structural Biology Resource Center

The Structural Biology Resource Center (SBRC) is home to state-of-the-art equipment for the determination of the three-dimensional structures of biological macromolecules via X-ray crystallography. The Center houses the Rigaku/MSC microMax 007HF generator (located in RRB 327) which is equipped with Varimax optics that can be adjusted for small samples (300 micron), X-stream cryosystems and two RaxisIV++ detectors.

UV fluorescence imaging of crystallization experiments is available in the Center (RRB 363). This technique allows the experimenter to determine whether very tiny crystals are in fact protein and not salt or other undesired components. This microscope is made by JanScientific and is capable of identifying Trp-containing protein crystals by excitation in the deep UV (280nm) and observing the emission at 350 nm.

Robotic liquid handling is offered at the center, to facilitate in the task of setting up hundreds to thousands of crystallization conditions. The Formulator by Formulatrix prepares trays from stock solutions (RRB 363), reducing preparation time from days to minutes and the Phoenix by Art Robbins can dispense the reservoirs from the trays made by Formulator (or obtained commercially) to the individual trays and create the protein/precipitant drops using any 96-well crystallization tray (RRB 363).

All work is performed independently by the investigator after a short training session. The Center provides training and expert guidance for researchers undertaking crystallographic structure determination. The Center is also the liaison between the University and Brookhaven National Labs NSLS synchrotron X-ray PRT beam lines.

The SBRC offers:


The mission of the SBRC is to offer the most productive structural biology facility through high quality, reliability and open dialog to the benefit of research at The Rockefeller University.