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Marija Vucelja, Ph.D.

Center for Studies in Physics and Biology

Dr. Vucelja is a theoretical physicist interested in biology, soft condensed matter and computational physics. She has studied mixing and clustering of particles in flows, problems that are relevant for understanding the formation of rain droplets and planetesimals, the clustering of pollutants on water surfaces and many industrial applications. She derived the compressibility of surface flows and described the aggregation-disorder transition of particles in flows. Using chaotic mixing, she substantially accelerated certain Monte Carlo algorithms, the main numerical tools for studying complex systems. Dr. Vucelja went on to study the emergence of clones in populations; drawing analogies between glassy systems and population dynamics, she calculated the rate of coalescence, or the probability of two individuals belonging to the same clone. Dr. Vucelja is currently working on inference problems in biophysics, topology of structural glasses and the development of efficient algorithms for studying glassy systems.