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Establishing Your Research Program at Rockefeller
Hear From Some of Our Recently Recruited Junior Faculty

Vanessa Ruta

Vanessa Ruta, Ph.D.

"Rockefeller commits unparalleled intellectual and practical support to junior faculty, encouraging us to tackle bold and risky scientific questions from the day we begin our labs. Departmental duties do not exist and administrative distractions are minimized so we have the opportunity to fully focus on our research. The lack of departmental structure at Rockefeller means that my close colleagues and neighbors are not necessarily in my field, a unique organization that promotes broad and multidisciplinary thinking about science."

> Laboratory of Neurophysiology and Behavior

Luciano Marraffini

Luciano Marraffini, Ph.D.

"Rockefeller's unique environment allows me complete freedom to pursue my research program. This, plus the possibility of discussing my scientific endeavors with a broad and stellar group of investigators, makes our university a fabulous place to do research."

> Laboratory of Bacteriology

Daniel Kronauer

Daniel Kronauer, Ph.D.

"As a junior faculty, youíre initially concerned whether youíll have enough resources to develop your research program, and whether youíll be able to attract good students and postdocs to your lab. In either case itís difficult to imagine a better place than The Rockefeller University. The support I have received in setting up my lab and getting my projects off the ground has been amazing in every respect. Another thing I very much appreciate at Rockefeller is that research groups are not organized in departments, which encourages close interactions between colleagues from vastly different disciplines. This inspires me more and more to think outside of the box and to contemplate new questions."

> Laboratory of Insect Social Evolution